Bryan Hilts and Arlo

In July of 2000, Anton (11) and Jesper (10), helped Mary Louise & I load the moving truck in Aspen, Colorado and we were on our way headed to our new home in Bend, Oregon.  Several months earlier Jesper (READ JESPER'S STORY) was diagnosed with a rare cardiac condition that would not allow him to live safely at Aspen's high altitude (8000 ft).  Bend offered many of the same qualities as the Colorado high country (at lower elevation), including the opportunity for both boys to continue with their passion for ski racing.

Shortly after arriving in Central Oregon we started Cloud 9 Photos.  The name, Cloud 9, came from our favorite Aspen Highland's ski lift (the Cloud Nine lift).  We founded Cloud 9 Photos at the very beginning of the digital explosion.  Our goal was to use our creative talents and athletic expertise  to provide high quality action photos, for athletes of all ages and abilities, that previously were only available to the top level performers.

Though I have always been involved with film, both motion and still and received my degree in the creative arts from Ithaca College (NY), it was as a crew member on the PBS series, "Marty Stouffer's WILD AMERICA", that I refined my skills as an action photographer and story teller.  As the production manager for this award-winning series, I had the privilege of both overseeing the production and marketing of over 70 documentaries and assisting as a cinematographer and still photographer, all while gaining a life-long appreciation and love for the natural history and wild animals that we share our planet with.

In the early days Cloud 9 Photos grew quickly, expanding to include horse and dog shows, ski and snowboard competitions and even real estate,  portrait and wedding photography. While I consider myself most at home as an action photographer, in recent years I have photographed hundreds of  homes for magazines and real estate marketing and sales.  

Today I combine photography with REAL ESTATE SALES  as a Licensed Realtor with CASCADE SOTHEBY'S  INTERNATIONAL REALTY, combining my photography and savvy marketing skills to assist both sellers and buyers of fine real estate throughout Central Oregon.

Cloud 9 Photos 2042  NW Eastes St. Bend, Oregon
Tel: 541.771.3200       Email: cloudnine@bendcable.com

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